ELI Assessment

The ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment is an on-line Attitudinal Assessment that can help you understand how to measure up energetically. It enables you to hold up mirrors to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, emotions which work for or against you, in your relationships. This assessment includes, an educational session (debrief) that will help you to realize who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.



Realize that the Energy Index Leadership Assessment, will change the way you see yourself, your life and your relationships. Within twenty four hours, you will receive the results of your personality assessment. This assessment differs from other personality assessments because it is not intended to define a person based on “a category of” belonging, but instead it measures the level of energy depending on the attitude, behaviors and perceptions, that holds this person for himself and the surrounding world. Imagine you have a unique opportunity to learn about the 7 (seven) Levels of Energy Consciousness, through which you can decide how to act in any circumstances.