3 secrets to make your relationship last forever

How would your life and relationship change if you were aware of the 3 most important secrets to maintain forever quality in your relationship or marriage? If you want to invest in your own happiness and keep your relationship alive and happy, there are three ways to achieve it and maintain it forever, avoiding a breakup or even a divorce.

According to the great master of personal development and leadership Anthony Robbins who has influenced and studied the lives of more than fifty million people worldwide, in order to build a loving and happy relationship you need to take into account 3 key behaviors.

Women need to avoid:

  1. Criticizing your partner. Your partner distance himself when you criticize him. If you strongly criticize him, he is going to distance himself gradually until countdown. Instead, try to acknowledge his achievements and reward him. If you want to share with him your opinion on any matter, make sure your intention is always good and you find the right way to do it.
  1. Closing in on yourself. In many cases, driven by a sense of insecurity, you stop sharing with your partner what concerns you in your daily life, you close in on yourself. As a result, the distance created between you grows. At this point, let me remind you that one of the best practices for a successful relationship is open communication, without accusations and criticism.
  1. Wanting to control your partner. How is it possible to maintain interest and passion in your relationship if you intend to control your partner and make things happen in your way? It would be much nicer if you let go of your need to control. Trust your partner and the flow of life with all the good things it brings you, knowing what you want and acknowledging the power of your thoughts.

Men need to avoid:

  1. Neglecting her and not giving her your attention. When you are absent in your relationship and you forget to communicate with her, she feels she is not important to you and she loses interest over you. Be present on a daily basis and remember to make her feel unique, important and that she is your first priority.
  1. Making her feel as if you don’t understand her. If she feels you don’t understand her because your point of view is different, the distance between you willgrow. Instead, try to be willing to understand her. After all, we are all different and you don’t have to solve her problem. Just be willing to accept how she feels.
  1. Making her feel insecure in your relationship. This may happen either because you have another romantic interest or because you hide things and you are not open to her. Openness will help your relationship a lot and it will make your partner feel secure and stay with you forever.

All the above are the case when partners are close, doing activities together, setting common goals and having common dreams. If you consciously avoid these three behaviors, you will enjoy an everlasting quality, loving and happy relationship.