How to overcome your jealous feelings

If jealousy exists in your life it is definitely distressing and troubling, draining your energy and the positive outcomes you wish to enjoy in your life and relationships. It is important to acknowledge it to be able to learn something from it, instead of denying it and allowing it to distract you from your goals.

The 2 main reasons you feel jealous

A form of jealousy is when someone else enjoys the attention you would like to get by a beloved person. If for example you are jealous of your partner, you need to determine if their commitment and devotion to you are a priority in their life. What if the jealousy you feel is a warning that you don’t have the first place in your partner’s life although you would really love to?

The second form of jealousy is when you envy some quality traits of another person at material or spiritual level regarding their relationship, family or professional life or even their looks. And of course, it is more likely that you would like to have it all too.

3 basic steps to overcome your jealous feelings

Research has shown that lack of self-confidence and self-esteem make people more prone to jealousy. According to this, you can take the following steps not only to stop being jealous, but also to use your jealous feelings to your advantage.

1. Discover the best way that suits you to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, because in that way you will overcome your jealous feelings. Coaching is a great way to achieve that in a short period of time. Also, remind yourself of your unique talents that make you stand out.

2. Be happy with someone else’s happiness and all the good things in their life because universe is rewarding. When you’re happy with the good things in other people’s life it is more likely to get them too.

3. Be inspired by the good things other people have. Admire them and begin to think how you could get some of these things as well, instead of envying them. When you acknowledge your wish to get something because someone else has it, use that realization as an opportunity to evolve.

Prior to taking the above steps it is important to consider whether you are willing to shape your life accordingly and make the necessary changes to get what you desire. If you are indeed willing, then pursue your goal following the steps of those who have already achieved it.