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“Life is all about Relationships.
We all long for intimacy, connection, love and happiness in our relationships .  The only way to develop your ideal relationship, is for you to develop first, a loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself … so let’s get started!”

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching helps singles and couples to create successful and fulfilling relationships, based on love.

With the valuable cooperation and guidance of your Coach, you will identify your own “wants” in a relationship that will lead you to your ideal relationship. You will learn the qualities of a successful relationship, based on love, happiness, your values ​​and personality.  Your self-esteem will be empowered, you will determine your personal boundaries and you will learn how to sustain a loving relationship.


Relationship Coaching by Mina

“Ever since I can remember myself in my adulthood, I wanted to identify the complicated for me at that time “equation” of a successful relationship! What is the definition of a “successful relationship”? Some people find it very easily, while others cope with great challenges to find it and some unfortunately never do.  There are women who “have it all” as we often say, but unfortunately they are alone or in unsatisfying relationships. Having conducted hundreds of sessions with women and men around the sector of Relations, thousands of hours of training and intensive study and through personal experience, I am glad to say that I have found the solution of the equation of a successful relationship.
My vision is that more and more people realize that the key to a happy relationship derives from the happiness within themselves, which will effortlessly lead them, to a successful life full of abundance, love and fulfilling relations.

I’m here to walk in hand with you, towards this direction!”







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