The relationship with yourself, is your most important relationship

The quality of the relationship you have with yourself, determines all of your relationships. Your career, your intimate relationship, the money you earn, your home and your health, all are directly related to the relationship you have with yourself. Imagine that the way you perceive yourself and your potential, creates a specific vibration and a message to others for “who you are” and what do you mostly value in your life. Have you ever wondered how your life would transform, if you decide that the most important person in your life is you?

The above would mean that you will acknowledge:

  • who you really are
  • what are your core thoughts about yourself
  • what are your core emotions about yourself
  • what are your core values ​​
  • what do you really want in your relationship and in your life
  • effective ways love and accept yourself

The more you live in alignment to your values, the morehappier you will be. The happier you are, the more you will create loving and fulfilling relationships.